Term 3 holidays

These holidays arrived quickly! It started when I went to our family’s friends farm. While we were out there we played on the hay bails, walked around the paddocks and played games. On the first weekend I went to my friends birthday party and had a sleepover as well! We stayed up till 1:30am talking. At the party we played: the chocolate game, celebrity heads, we went in the spa, watched two movies (ocean 11 and 12) and slid down the stairs with our sleeping bags! I gave her some perfume and make a lolly cars! These holidays were really fun but finished when I just got used to them! I had fun hanging out with my friends and family, but wish they were longer!

Term 3 reports!!

This term has gone by really quickly, it feels like its been only a few weeks!! We have been to Werribee zoo and  went to the beach for morning tea. I got my reports last week! I got one median in science and the rest I got all highs! I am very pleased with my report!

My favourite subject this term was Art, P.E and Electronics! In electronics I was the only person in the two classes who got a 10/10 on the grid box, we are working on our nerve tester game!! We have learnt how to solder, which is one of the most important things you need to know! In Art we achieved in lots of actives! I have enjoyed painting, drawing, learning new art skills and doing different things! 

I am looking forwards to the holidays and next term!!



Term 2 reports!

This term my report went really well. I passed in every subject and got mostly B’s.

In English I did really well and I got really good comments!

In Cooking I got a really good result and got a 10/10 in everything I cooked.

In Drama I acted well and got a very good comment.

In Maths I’m doing very well with my test and passing every subject in maths. I did really well in my report.

In S.O.S.E I did really well in every project I got given and I’m learning about new places around the world.

In Science I got 89% in my science test and I’m learning all the science terms. I got a really good comment.

In Health I did well in the assignments I had to do and I got a good result.

In P.E I’m doing well with all the sports we are doing and I got a good report.

In French I did well learning different words in French and I did well in my project.

Over all I got a excellent report and I’m happy with my result.

Term 2 Holidays!!

Holidays have finally arrived!! I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for holiday for ages!

These holidays I sent the first week in melbourne playing hockey for the state hockey championship. Our team played very well and improved from last year!  This year we played 10 games, lost 8 and won 2. We played different teams from around Victoria. Our first game we were all very excited, we all played our best but lost. I mostly played in full-back and defended well. When we came to our 8th game we won 1-0 and we all so happy, we couldn’t stop laughing and smiling because it was the first time Under 13 girl eagels team had won a game of hockey in history!!! The Grand final finally came and we were versing the team we had won against! We had to win like we had before, if we didn’t we would end at the bottom of the ladder. It was half time and no one had scored yet! It was time to score a goal and win. We had only 2 mintues left and still no one had scored! The ball was in our D and one girl toke a shot at goals, it went in, We had scored and won!! We had won our grand final and were all cherring and screaming with joy. One girl did a back flip!

While we were in Melbourne I stayed with one of my team mates.W went out for dinner nearly ever night and one we went to the movies to watch Dspicable Me 2. We also went to a famous cake shop in melbourne. There were so many cakes to choose from, but I finally chose a cake.

The rest of the week I just went with the flow. We Got a new car and its really cool. I invited some friends over and we had lots of fun. I went to the pool with some friends and I also did lots of homework.

My holidays were very fun and interseting.

Term 1 at Warrnambool Collage

The day came….. Secondary school. I started high school with butterflies in my tummy!! We got put in our classes and thankfully I got put in a class with my friends (7F). I met some nice people in my class; two of them are from Woodforde primary school and one from Koroit primary school. The teachers are fantastic! But some of them like to give us lots of homework.

A couple weeks of on, 7F and 7G travelled to camp Cooriemungle for a day camp. We went on three extremely fun activities’… Giant swing, rock climbing wall and the high ropes course. When we got there the teachers put us in groups. My group started with the Giant swing!! The Giant swing was about 18m high, it was so fun!!!!! Then we moved onto the rock climbing wall. Because it was about 35 degrees we all ran under the sprinklers in our clothes. We finally finished with the High ropes course which was so fun!!!

Warrnambool Collage organises a lot of activates, one of them were the swimming sports. I signed up for freestyle, Breastroke and the relay. In the freestyle I came 5th, breastroke I came 2rd and in the relay we came last. We are also did athletics, I signed up for discuss, shot put, 100m, 200m,  long jump, triple jump and the relay. In 100m I came 2nd, 200m I came 3rd and everything else I came 4th. This year I want to get into the school hockey team!!

Our school has a house and Tute system. There are 6 houses, Hopkins (blue), Merri (orange), Belfast (green) Flagstaff (red), Childers (yellow) and Logan’s (purple). I’m in Hopkins! We also have a tute which is the first class of the day. Tute goes for 8mins. We mark the roll and talk about the new events coming up.

This year I’m doing lots of different subjects that I didn’t do last year. The new subjects I’m doing this term are Cooking, SOSE, ilearn, French, Science, Health and Music. Warrnambool Collage also has this stamp system, where the teachers give you some stamps if you have been good! If you get lots of stamps you can win prizes. For 50 stamps you can win a house pen win and your name in the newsletter, 75 stamps you can win a highlighter, 100 stamps you can a water bottle, 150 stamps you can win a lanyard, 200 stamps you can win a canteen voucher, 300 stamps you can win a house USB and a celebration Activity and 500 stamps you can win a Gold 5A Award.